Monday, April 13, 2009

Journal Page - In Progress

Journal Page (Acrylic underpainting, pen and ink 4.10.09)

This is the last page in my journal - even though only the first page is filled. So I have many pages in between to do! I just wanted to try out some under painting. I used acrylics, bright at first, and then put an opaque white over top. I used pen and ink for the illustration. I am not done, and plan to fill this page.


  1. I love this illustration! Great idea to do the last page before the rest of it - makes filling those pages less scary somehow!

  2. great page- I love the color coming through the pen drawing

  3. such nice colors and conceptual too! :) Can probably print T-shirts with this one

  4. I like this, the lamp too. Fun blog.
    Continued success