Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EDM #1

Shoes (watercolor & ink, 3.3.09, EDM#1)

Sneaker (watercolor, 3.2.09, EDM#1)

These are my first illustrations for the Every Day Matters weekly challenges. I was not happy with the first watercolor (Sneaker) because of the paper I used for it. I did it directly into a sketchbook I had and the paper did not work as well as my watercolor paper did. So last night I continued the challenge with a new pair of shoes. My husband wanted to know why I kept painting shoes!


  1. I really like 'sneaker'- I think it is the colours :) Try making your own sketchbooks with your favourite paper, this is my favourite method. Also this link:
    is a great way to use a full sheet of watercolour paper and make an easy sketchbook :)
    Great start- welcome to EDM :)

  2. Great! Thanks for the link. I looked through your work, you have some beautiful pieces!

  3. I really like both of these! Your colours are great, particularly the orange and blue one. I didn't realise at first that normal sketchbook paper is not ideal for watercolours, it was kind of a revelation when I realised there was special paper.

  4. I like your paintings, so much live and vibrant colours. I can feel Spring in the air:)

    keep up a good work:)

  5. Love those comfy looking pumps (was going to say Mary Jane's but am never sure if it's Mary Ellen's, but that's probably the Waltons, lol), they have a soft suedy look.

  6. I like them both. Excellent start to EDM. Welcome.

    It is going to be a pleasure seeing your work.

  7. I love your vibrant use of color.

  8. Welcome the EDM... great shoes... both of them.

  9. Wow! Thanks for all of the encouragement!