Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Name Is In The Journal

I took the first name is in the journal!


  1. You can do it. Just take a big breath and make a mark. Art is the process for me.

  2. Congratulations!!
    I had the same difficulties with my moly.
    I started by writing a list of goals/aims and inspirational words (what I refer to as 'inspos') in ink after a two page gap.

    Sometimes it's nice to do some colour blocks to see how they look in there.

    As for anything you do that you don't like ... Penelope Dullaghan wrote in Danny Gregory's 'An Illustrated Life' that she doesn't have any rules except that she can't tear pages out. If she absolutely hates it she'll paint over it in and white and they or may not paint over it again or leave it blank. I always hold this in mind. As of yet I haven't torn any out or painted over them ... I view them as a 'detour' and then can see how I'm improving (or not!!!)

    Good luck with the next steps of getting stuck in!

  3. Just remember - when you go back to look at your moleskine a couple years from now, you will treasure the pages you feel you hate or messed up as much as the ones you feel you did well. It's also a way to see how much you are growing, so don't worry AT ALL about what you put in your moleskine! I have a few really horrible, awful sketches that when I see them I cringe, but I'm really glad I still have them!

  4. You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much.