Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Portrait (Watercolor Pencil, 3.17.09)

Last night I dug through my art supplies and came across some very, very old watercolor pencils. I have been following the posts on EDMC about watercolor pencils and had wanted to give them a try. These were dull, and I had no pencil sharpener, so I brought them all into work today and got put them through the electric sharpener. They are ready to go now. When I say old, I mean like at least 15 years old. I was missing colors, but still had a good variety. It was fun to experiment with them. I even found my waterbrush pen. Only problem was the paper, I found an old journal too, but the paper was terrible to work with. This is just a random portrait out of a photography book I had lying next to me.

Below, I took this portrait into Illustrator on the computer and added some text. I am working towards having the guts to do this by hand.


  1. I like how you layered the text over you drawing. Great job!

  2. I really like this effect. Now, take a deep breath and try it by hand, if it doesn't turn out right, try again.

  3. Thanks!! I will, and I will post my result...

  4. I love this! Congratulations, keep going! I'm with you, trying to get it out and on paper and move forward...big chicken me...

  5. Very haunting eyes, I like the subtlty of this piece!
    And thanks for commenting on my Guilford town post, too funny you lived in Durham, just up route 17 a piece! ;-)